Monthly News - February 2020
St Hilary’s Church Hall – Parish Centre Two large rooms with refreshment and disabled facilities available for hire ….. parties, anniversaries, meetings etc. Phone 07562377157 St Martin’s Church is available for hire. It can accommodate about 35 people. If you are interested, please contact Church Wardens.
We pray for those who are ill at home,in hospitals or nursing homes. Our thoughts and prayers are also with those who lovingly care tor them day by day. Phyllis Harris,Emlyn Bawden,Eunice Miron,Fr.Roy Blewett,Margaret Harris,Barbara Jones: Enid Sawday (Lime Grove|),Phyllis Davies (Glasfryn Nursing Home),Dr.Ann Ryan (now resident atApril Court Nursing Home,St.Helens Rd.) Eddie Rowe (at present at Gorseinon Hospital) and Madge Ellis. Joan Dobbs R.I.P. Tuesday 14 February saw a full Church for the funeral service of Joan Dobbs. Canon Phillip Gwynn conducted a moving,warm service,opening with the 23 rd Psalm. Joan had been a faithful member of St.Hilary's Church since coming to live in Killay from Gower Road in the early 60's.She was often joined by her husband Bill and daughters Ruth and Jayne.In later years she attendedThursday morning Eucharist. Joan was a true family person but enjoyed entertaining her many friends.Her interests were wide c r os swo r d s, scr abble, r e ading and gardening.For the last few years of her full life she has resided at Bloomfield Nursing Home.We send our sympathy and prayers to Ruth,Jayne and their partners. Margaret Hughes R.I.P.: Canon Phillip recently received the following e.mail from his good friend Canon Arthur Howells...’We had a Christmas card from Phil Black,Margaret’s son,as we do every year,but he made no mention of his mother,which led us to suspect that she had died . In fact Margaret (wife of the late Chancellor Hywel Hughes formerVicar of Killay) died in February 2019; she was buried with her first husband in T or onto . Annual Vestry Meeting Dates: Sunday 15th March – St.Martin’s Congregational Meeting* (following 9am service). Sunday 22nd March Parish of TycochVestry Meeting (following said 9.30am service). Sunday 26th April Parish of KillayVestry Meeting (following lay-led 11am service).
* For St.Martin’s members,the meeting on 15th March is specifically for St.Martin’s issues.As this is a daughter church,the Constitution of the Church-in-Wales requires that congregation also attend the Parish of KillayAnnualVestry Meeting inApril. Ash Wednesday Eucharist: TheAct of Penitence,followed by a said Eucharist will take place atAll Souls,Tycoch at 10.30am on Wednesday 26th F ebruary , all Killay and Dunvant worshippers are warmly invited to come along (there will be refreshments served at the back of the church following the service).Please note that this will be the ONLYservice across Killay andTycoch onAsh Wednesday. Renewal of Parish Electoral Rolls: The Electoral Roll is a list of all who are members of any particular parish.The Church- in-Wales states that every five years,all such lists are destroyed,with fresh lists started.This is to give a current and accurate list of members.This year of 2020 is such a year.So curr ently , no Electoral Roll exists for any parish.In Killay and in Tycoch,you will find forms for membership of an Electoral Roll.Those who wish to have their names entered on this document must be over the age of 18yrs, baptised,regular worshippers with the church.With new data protection,please make sure you tick the GDPR box,which enables electronic copies of this document to be kept for the use of clergy and wardens. Fairtrade Fortnight This year,Fairtrade fortnight runs from Monday 17th February to Saturday 29th February. Fairtrade is a most effective way of ensuring that people in developing countries not only receive fair prices but also receive continuing contracts and a social premium. While many of you buy Fairtrade products from supermarkets I can offer items,both food and non food,which are not in supermarkets so I would encourage you to visit the stall and look at the catalogue. Next opportunity is Sunday 2nd February Looking forward to your continued support, Sheila Betts
Mission Breakfast: Saturday January 18th As well as the PCC,there are five sub-committees which meet regularly. The Mission and Outreach Committee decided last summer,to hold a second Mission Br e a kfast, as a follow up to the one held eighteen months ago. The aim of the meeting was to show how many of the original suggestions,raised at the last breakfast,have been addressed and what has been achieved. We hope that those who were present could see that their ideas had been acted upon. When the breakfast had been eaten,thanks to Dani,Sarah and Emma who worked so hard in the kitchen,Canon Phillip opened the meeting with prayer. Jeremy Harris,the Chairman of this committee opened the meeting and talked about the aims of mission. He spoke enthusiastically about a church in Cornwall which he and Sarah had visited recently. Despite being isolated, it was full and there were many young people present. Jeremy gave an outline of the agenda for the morning and explained that much of what has been achieved has been done by the PCC sub-committees working together. Simon Gwynn took us through a detailed PowerPoint pr esent ation, the cards used last time had been scanned and next to these ideas were our achievements to date. Naturally some are still a Work in Progress and others are on-going. As a committee, we are delighted to see how much progress has been made and the comments on these cards underpin all our meetings. Mission is about spreading the Word of God and reaching into the community to reach new audiences. It is also about doing things di f fer ently , to make the Church relevant to society as a whole in the 21st century. Nigel Fletcher introduced the Prayer cards and Welcome cards. The Prayer cards have been designed to allow members of the community who do not come to church to request that prayers be said for family members,friends, colleagues or others known to them who are in need. These requests can
be submitted online or by post. If the person asking for the prayer wishes to be present,they are invited to add their contact details to the card. We intend to target specific areas and deliver these cards on a Sunday afternoon. The Welcome cards outline Church services and organisations. We intend to deliver these with a copy of the current M A magazine when we notice that new neighbours have moved into the area. We need the help of all members of the congregation to make this happen. Catherine Swain then led the discussion about the future and cards were handed out for ideas. We were delighted by the response and now have an agenda from the congregation as well as the committee. Please spend a few minutes reading these cards which are on display on the wall in the Parish Centre and add your ideas to the list. *** Theatre Trips After many years organising theatre trips for the church, Pam Davies has decided that the one to ‘Les Mis’ in Cardiff last month was to be her ‘swan song’. Every trip was a joy that gave us a chance to see the wonderful shows that,otherwise,we might not have been able to get to. There was always time for a meal,either before or after the show and plenty of fun on the bus,sometimes celebrating a birthday or anniversary with cake and wine. Everyone who has enjoyed these trips are saddened that they will miss a great day out and much thanks must be given to Pam for her hard and very successful work in the past. If anyone feels they might be able to organise a trip in the future,Pam will be pleased to give any advice required on how to go about it. Next year,’The Phantom of the Opera’ will be on in Cardiff and I’m sure there would be a lot of interest in this. The "100" club January draw was made at St Martin’s on Sunday 19 th and the winners are..... First prize of £35 Ken Ellis (All Souls) Second prize £15 DrAnn Ryan (All Souls) If you would like to join the draw,please discuss with the Wardens. Subs for 2020 are now due.
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